Bombay Hook NWR Is On the Delaware History Trail!

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Delaware Tourism Office launched the Delaware History Trail, which includes 36 sites located throughout the state, to showcase the First State's abundance of historical sites and to educate visitors and residents about Delaware's place in American history. Visitors can now follow a trail of exploration to discover and experience Delaware's rich heritage.

To get started, participants download a Trail Passport and obtain a list of site and trail rules here. As visitors experience each historic site, they record site codes in their passport found on the Delaware History Trail signs posted at each trail site. Passports are then submitted to the Delaware Tourism Office to receive a special reward for completing the trail.

Trail participants who visit a minimum of 18 sites, including 6 sites from each of Delaware's three counties, are eligible to receive a limited-edition book entitled, "Landmarks and Legacies." The book is a colorful narrative written by Pam George and includes photographs by distinguished photographer Kevin Fleming highlighting 50 of Delaware's prominent historic places - each with its own distinctive story. The book also includes a Foreword by Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., and an introduction by eminent historian, Russ McCabe - both having strong ties to the First State.

The Delaware Tourism Office, 99 Kings Highway in Dover, Del., a division of the Delaware Economic Development Office, promotes tourism and economic growth in Delaware. For more information, visit the official Delaware Tourism web site or call toll-free (866) 284-7483.